When equipped with a solid quality education, young adults can secure high-paying, stable careers with benefits and advancement potential. The College Readiness and Access Program provides selected participants with the tools necessary to be accepted and successfully matriculated into a post-secondary learning environment. 

The College Readiness and Access Program curriculum is divided into three sections:

1) Readiness (Preparation for acceptance into college)

2) Acceptance (Assistance in filling out college applications andforms)

3) Retention (Social/Emotional/Practical support to see students to and through a four-year institution).

The College Readiness and Access Program course is comprised of 30 90-minute sessions to be held three times a week.


• Finances and the college student

• Basic computer skills (Word Processing, Excel, PowerPoint fluency)

 • Filling out a college application

• College admission essay workshop

• Refining the personal statement for college admission

• Selecting the right college• Securing funding for school

• Filling out the FAFSA and TAP applications

Also included are five Saturday trips to the Ivy League Universities in the Northeast including- Cornell, U Penn, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Dartmouth and Columbia.

While in the program, students are required to participate in an extracurricular activity/program of their choice, maintain a GPA minimum of 80, and be in good standing with their high school.

 How it works

We provide:

• Fingerprinted teachers

• An expertly crafted curriculum

• Five college visitation trips

• College counseling to students and their families


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