Each year, thousands of New York City young-adults transition into adulthood without a solid foundation-geared to equip them with the invaluable tools and keen insight need to become independent contributors to society. A loss of connectivity to vital services such as college readiness, career attainment and entrepreneurship training programs often leads to high un-under employment, homelessness, and a total disconnection from valuable economic drivers; resulting in an increased burden on the overall economy. A 2014 Young Invincibles found that current unemployment rates for 18-34 year olds cost federal and state governments almost $8.9 billion dollars each year or about $53 per taxpayer.

Who we are

Established in 1996, Unity Fellowship Breaking Ground (Breaking Ground) was created in response to the need to transition LGBT youth and young adults from place isolation to a connected and affirming community. Over the years we have provided education and support services to all youth and their families with special attention focused on the needs of LGBT youth and young adults in New York City.

The Cycle is Broken


For the young-adults who reside in the over 900,000 New York City household that lack enough income to cover necessities such as food and shelter, attainment of the preverbal American Dream can be inconceivable …unfathomable...impossible. In NYC over a million young-adults are working tirelessly to break an intergenerational cycle of poverty.

Inspire a movement; help these young-adults break the cycle of poverty by sharing your story and supporting our efforts. At the end of the day, they cannot do it along. They need YOUR help to break the cycle. #Ibrokethecycle